Check out this HILARIOUS take on INTROVERTS in the news recently.

Besides the crazy news anchor lady’s (?) crazy intonation (…) I really liked this video because it raises an important question I’ve also been pondering lately. 

Namely: what to do with (=HOW to teach) introverted learners.

So tell me…

“What happens when you put a bunch of introverted STUDENTS together?” 

Have you also had lessons where you felt that were “worse than the office Christmas party before the liquor flows”? 😀 

With learners “standing apart, all of them avoiding eye contact”…?

“Waning moments” in a lesson where instead of a lively discussion you planned, “everyone seemed to have had enough of each other”…

…with “STUDENTS thinking, this could have been an email…”

…sitting “…planted like statues …”,

or with others roaming around alone like “passing ships in the night…”?!

I’d really like to hope that you never had a case though where a student would “prefer catching bugs in their mouth to catching the eye” of another student in the class?!

We don’t always have the opportunity to create “separate groups” for introverted (–or “calm”? <3) learners in our teaching contexts. 

Yet there ARE many ways we CAN cater to their sensory needs, and we really SHOULD, especially in noisier environments or bigger groups.

But it all starts with us NOTICING that they HAVE them.

Have YOU ever prepared a more introverted learner for the IELTS exam? How did you tailor your lessons to meet their needs? 

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