An IELTS lesson isn’t quite like a ‘lab’ (where a milliliter might mean the difference between whether you blow up the building or not… :D). 

However, I do believe that the PROPORTIONS of a lesson matter.

And these will be reflected by the LESSON PLAN as well.

When I look at one where a teacher allocated an abundant 20 mins just for lead-in…

…but about HALF of it to the actual TEACHING and PRACTICE stages of the lesson (–depending on the framework used) …

I already know we have a problem, EVEN BEFORE the lesson even started.

Why do you think we sometimes struggle to get the PROPORTIONS right in our lessons?

(I for one used to because I was afraid I’d ‘run out of’ stuff on the plan and have to face a group without sh*t to do anymore… 😀 :D)

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