I get asked what the advantages and disadvantages of #itemwriting are a lot.

And while I believe that this is a very subjective question, in MY opinion…

…the ADVANTAGES of being an item writer are that it

· can be intellectually STIMULATING (e.g. to work ‘around’ constraints in brief, to do with level, etc.)

· is perhaps becoming more and more readily AVAILABLE? (e.g. apps, online platforms, micro-learning tendencies)

· teaches you the ‘BASICS’ of authoring discipline, some key tools, etc. (e.g. obeying word counts, CEFR; various types of consistency)

On the other hand…

…the DISADVANTAGES of being an item writer are that it can

· occasionally be repetitive/monotonous

· be badly paid (…)

· feel a bit too (creatively) limiting.

What are YOUR thoughts? Do the pros of #ELTitemwriting outweigh the cons?

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