If you’re new to #assessment and #itemwriting (especially #ELTassessment and #ELTitemwriting), you might want to start by Googling/revising the following key terms and ideas.

Core Terms:

–reliability (test, scorer/intra-rater vs inter-rater)

–validity (face, content, construct, concurrent, predictive)




Other Important Terms:








–self-assessment, portfolio, learner diary/journaling

–can-do statements, checklists

–we ‘assess’ every in every minute of every class!

–writing: holistic vs analytic rating scales, ways of giving feedback, peer feedback, 



–norm-referenced vs criterion-referenced





Common Item Types to Test Grammar and Lexis:



–gap fill



–error correction

–skeleton sentences


–odd one out


IELTS Reading Item Types:

–diagram label completion

–flow-chart completion

–identifying information

–identifying the writer’s views/claims

–matching features

–matching headings

–matching information

–matching sentence endings

–multiple choice

–note completion

–sentence completion

–short-answer questions

–summary completion

–table completion

IELTS Listening Item Types:

–multiple choice


–plan, map, and diagram labeling

–form, note, table, flow-chart, and summary completion

–sentence completion

–short answer questions

Key Moments in Language Assessment History:

–1960s: discrete point testing, Robert Lado

–1970s: CLT, cloze test for productive skills 

–1980s: performance tests, real life roles

–today: communicative tests should be integrated, with language contextualized, purposeful, authentic; performance over competence

Anything new or surprising about any of this for you?

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