Yes, it’s important you ‘walk your learners through’ the main 5 stages of the writing PROCESS when familiarizing them with a new IELTS writing task, such as the REPORT or ESSAY.

(These are my recommended timings for each, BTW:

1) Reading (1 minute)

2) Brainstorming (2 minutes)

3) Outline Writing (3 minutes)

4) Writing (30 minutes for an essay, 12 minutes for letters and reports)

5) Editing (2-4 minutes)

But what’s STAGE ZERO?

0) Pre-Writing: Understanding the Genre!

This is where we need to check that either they have a very similar kind of writing genre in their own L1, in which case we just need to ‘activate their schema’ of it, 


whether they have already seen, experienced, (…even tried writing) this ‘kind of animal’ (i.e. a report, essay, or letter on the General module).

Do your learners UNDERSTAND what an IELTS report/essay IS and is NOT?

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