Task achievement in Task 1 on the WRITING test of both the Academic and the General modules of IELTS,


its ‘variation’, Task response in Task 2 in both modules 

is the first criterion that is used to assess a piece of writing.


Which of these does Task achievement/Task response NOT assess?

1) whether the candidate responded to the task bearing in mind the GENRE expected

2) whether the candidate has used enough LINKING WORDS

3) whether the WORD COUNT has been met

4) whether the candidate followed the right FORMAT for the task (e.g. continuous prose instead of bullet points, etc.)

5) whether the candidate’s PERSONAL OPINION about the subject has been clearly expressed (–in all three genres)

6) whether all the information presented is RELEVANT to the task

7) how REPETITIVE the content is

8) how COMPLETELY or PARTIALLY the task has been answered/responded to

9) how WELL-SUPPORTED the ideas are

10) whether it has a CONSLUSION or an overview

(ANSWER KEY: 2, 5)

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