Do your IELTS students struggle to brainstorm for ideas for their ESSAYS?

Teach them The Angle ABC method!

Get them to think of some adjectives starting with the letters of the alphabet (e.g. artistic, biological, cognitive, developmental, economic, etc.) to ask themselves if there is anything they could can say about the topic that is RELEVANT to the task from any of these points of view.

The Angle ABC Method:

‘Is there anything I can say about the topic (that is relevant to this essay type) from a(n)…

• artistic

• biological or environmental

• cognitive

• developmental

• economic

• financial

• geographical

• historical

• intellectual

• judicial

• kinesthetic

• legal

• medical

• national

• organizational

• psychological

• qualitative/quantitative

• religious

• scientific

• technological

• universal

• visual

• worldwide

• xenophobic

• yearly

• zoological

point of view?’

Are you trying this?

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