Do you ever ask your IELTS learners to REWRITE an essay, report or letter they wrote? Why/why not?

We sometimes put a ton of effort into writing them FEEDBACK, but do they read it?

And even if they do, does it ‘STICK’?

After all, we know that we learn best by ‘DOING’, i.e. by implementing new knowledge and skills…

Consider raising your IELTS students’ awareness of the fact that from time to time it might be a good idea to REWRITE any particularly poor IELTS writing tasks they have written.

(This can be an especially useful exercise when they misunderstood a task or the required COMMUNICATIVE PURPOSE (aka ‘essay type’, such as ‘opinion’, ‘for and against’, ‘solution’, ‘discursive’ or ‘hybrid’).

You could even lead in to this new practice by getting them to do this discussion gap fill.

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