To help raise your IELTS learners’ awareness of the importance that INTONATION plays in creating meaning, you could have them do the following SPEAKING exercise.

“Create one-word conversations with a ‘story’ behind each. Practice reading/acting them out with the right intonation. The first conversation has been done for you.





-‘XL’ …

-‘OK’ …

Possible context e.g.: a man who has been trying to lose weight is talking to his dietician about his clothes size in a despondent tone.


-The usual?

-For two.

-For two?!

-For two!


Possible context:







Possible context: An employer is giving some bad news to an employee.


-Home yet?



-Friday traffic …


Possible context:







Possible context: A husband is expressing his gratitude to his mother-in-law for something.

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