Speaking Part 3 tends to be challenging for candidates because the questions get REALLY complex by this point in the exam…

To help them prepare, show them how they can ‘build up’ their ideas from ‘the ground up’, by collecting some relevant WORDS, then extending them into PHRASES, then more personalized, bigger CHUNKS. (From there all they have to do is ‘add some grammar’, shake well, and voila! :D)

For example, if the task is to answer questions about the topic of 

‘Travelling as a way of personal growth’ such as

1) How can travelling change a person? Is such change always for the better?

2) What are some of the reasons why people might decide to take a long trip?

3) Under what circumstances should people not go on a long trip?

get your students to collect WORDS:

· journey

· explore

· tourist

· challenging

· luggage

· blend

· language

· pursue

· accept

· learn

then have them extend these into PHRASES:

· journey –> personal transformative JOURNEY

· explore –> EXPLORE the world

· tourist –> go as a TOURIST

· challenging –> CHALLENGING situations 

· luggage –> lost LUGGAGE

· blend –> BLEND in with

· language –> learn the LANGUAGE

· pursue –> PURSUE a goal

· accept –> ACCEPT problems

· learn –> LEARN what’s important

and finally into more personalized, fuller CHUNKS:

· people going on personal transformative JOURNEY since Eat, Pray, Love was published

· EXPLORE the world and get to know yourself

· not just go as a TOURIST but live within a community

· CHALLENGING situations show you areas where you can grow

· lost LUGGAGE causing a near nervous breakdown

· BLEND in with the locals and their and customs

· learning the local LANGUAGE is often a key component of one’s adventure

· set new goals while abroad and go PURSUE them

· ACCEPT the inherent problems in a culture

· LEARN what’s important for you in life

Are you going to try this out? 🙂

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