To help your IELTS learners brainstorm more efficiently in SPEAKING Part 2, you could raise their awareness of coming up with concrete EXAMPLES of the NOTIONS in the task.

Try giving them this exercise:

Match each NOTION to a concrete EXAMPLE below. The first one has been done for you.


1) an expense: C

2) a personal disappointment:

3) an achievement:

4) a promise:

5) an agreement:

6) an adventure:

7) a natural phenomenon:

8) a family event:

9) a gesture:

10) a criticism:


A) seeing the northern lights in Sweden

B) successfully completing an online course

C) my car breaking down

D) the neighbor visiting my mum in hospital

E) a study exchange pact with a friend

F) breaking my diet

G) telling a friend I’d go to his wedding but then not attending it

H) my teacher telling me I should have studied more for an exam

I) my niece’s school dance performance

J) getting lost in the forest with my wife

(Answer key:

1 c

2 f

3 b

4 g

5 e

6 j

7 a

8 i

9 d

10 h)

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