ELT Publishers! 

Are you looking to buy original, innovative 

• exams/IELTS 

• EAP/pre-sessional

• teacher training 


• academic listening, reading, writing and speaking SUB-SKILLS content?

…that’s also already been written* to avoid any deadline headaches? 🙂

If so, then you’re in LUCK.

After years of OBSESSING* about IELTS, one of my favorite exams, I’m now looking to find a new HOME for my beloved IELTS courses! 

They are (if you’ve been living under a rock without LinkedIn :D)

• How to Teach IELTS Listening

• How to Teach IELTS Reading

• How to Teach IELTS Writing

• How to Teach IELTS Speaking

• How to Teach Yourself IELTS Essay Writing

• How to Teach Yourself IELTS Report Writing

• How to Teach Yourself IELTS Letter Writing

As you might know, I recently got busy training teachers ‘live’ again full time, so I no longer have time to keep selling my IELTS-related resources. 

But I don’t want them to disappear from the market just because I have… 😀 ;P

I know from experience just how useful they are is at raising both TEACHERS’ and STUDENTS’ awareness of even the smallest details of the FOUR SKILLS and precisely how best to prepare for each (using SUB-SKILL awareness-raising and skill building).

And here are the THREE main reasons (AKA their core USPs) why you might be interested in housing them:

• already WRITTEN

• COMPREHENSIVE* collection 


• extremely precise, practical and carefully scaffolded ‘how-to’ exercises focusing on REALLY TEACHING the SKILLS (i.e. not just language and not just testing them).

Sounds like you could house any of it? Then click on this link to check the SAMPLE KIT I put together for you and let’s TALK!

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*overall about 1,000 pages of 250,000 words on all 4 skills

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Hi. I’m Fatime. I’m an IELTS Teacher Trainer, helping CELTA-qualified English language teachers become better at teaching SKILLS, as opposed to just testing them.