Part 4 is a MONOLOGUE on an ACADEMIC subject, i.e. often a university lecture or some other kind of informative speech heard in a university context.

To raise your learners’ awareness of what a MONOLOGUE is, or what we mean by ACADEMIC speeches, have them do the following exercise.


“Which of the following topics are academic monologues?”

1) a marine biologist talking about a new turtle conservation program at a scientific convention

2) a proud father talking about his son’s career achievements with a friend

3) a small business owner complaining about a new kind of tax to their spouse

4) an architect summarizing the features of a type of building that is common in a region 

5) a friend giving advice to another friend about buying a house

6) two master chefs talking about their childhoods and early fondness for cooking 

7) a lawyer talking about famous cases of constitutional crises 

8) a lawyer telling their parents about their last successful case and what they learned from it 

9) a mathematician explaining why they did not like math at elementary school on a TV talk show

10) an ear nose and throat specialist describing some typical health problems in the winter in a lecture

Can you write another example of an academic monologue?

(ANSWER KEY: 1, 4, 7, 10)

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