I’m FORTY years YOUNG! :O (Or as my Irish friends would say, I’m officially FARTY). 😀 😀

How did this happen?! :O (–becoming 40, I mean) 

Here’s a picture of me, about 10x younger, already ‘in the saddle’, but not writing (IELTS) books just yet…

Well, since then I’ve got off that (high wooden) horse and written SEVEN. 


Yeah, I got carried away a little, and totally geeked out on writing about my FAVORITE exam…

And!! Get this!

They’re ALL on SALE as of today, for 10 days (until the 24 Dec)! <3 <3

Some of this content is normally EXCLUSIVE to my Bootcamp only (which is why you won’t find Listening, Reading, or Speaking on Amazon either, for example), but if they WERE available, the teacher training ones would normally cost $24,99 USD each, and the ‘Yourself’ series (i.e. How to Teach Yourself IELTS Essay Writing) $14,99 each. 

That’s about $145 USD altogether, but until Christmas you can get it all 40% OFF, i.e. for only $87 USD!

So, if you’ve been following me for a while, and would really like to look into becoming a better IELTS teacher as of the new year, this is your CHANCE to get a sneak-peek into ‘all things (IELTS) SUB-SKILLS’.

My birthday Book Bundle is for you if you

• teach, or plan to teach IELTS

• teach other exams (e.g. Cambridge First, Advanced, Proficiency; TOEFL, etc.)

• teach EAP

• teach general English only but would like to improve your SKILLS teaching methodology

• plan on doing the Cambridge Delta (­–especially Module 2)

• want to become better at materials writing (especially skills)

• plan on doing my course, How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp– in the new year, but would like a taster first.


How to Teach IELTS Listening

How to Teach IELTS Reading

How to Teach IELTS Writing

How to Teach IELTS Speaking


How to Teach Yourself IELTS Essay Writing

How to Teach Yourself IELTS Report Writing

How to Teach Yourself IELTS Letter Writing

you’ll find

• 100+ typical PROBLEMS our IELTS learners struggle with spelled out, with their detailed (scaffolded) SOLUTIONS, as well as worksheets, audios, and other supplementary materials

• about 1000 (!) pages, and

• a quarter MILLION (!) words 

of ‘PURE GOLD’ that can’t be missing from any serious IELTS teacher’s TOOLKIT.

(P.s. And if you decide to do my Bootcamp as well in 2023, you’ll get $87 USD off the price!)

Here’s the link.

See you on the other side!!! 😉

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Hi. I’m Fatime. I’m an IELTS Teacher Trainer, helping CELTA-qualified English language teachers become better at teaching SKILLS, as opposed to just testing them.