In my experience, a few things might help make feedback easier to take on board:

1) starting with the POSITIVES 🙂

2) using gentle, reaffirming LANGUAGE throughout

3) NOT DUMPING but choosing ‘staggered delivery’ as much as possible, –’peppering’ as opposed to ‘bulking’ 

3) talking about the LEARNER (as opposed to the teacher/material) and how the lesson/material, etc. impacts THEM (adversely)

4) being ‘IMPERSONAL’ at the same time (and not equating the bad practice with ‘you are bad if you do X this way’)

5) showing that we have FAITH that the student(/trainee/writer/etc.) ‘has it in them’, we just need to ‘trim’ things a little to bring all this to the surface…

Do you agree? Anything missing?

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