Another key advantage of teaching IELTS is that students tend to come REALLY READY for FEEDBACK.

Warts and all. ‘Bring-it-on-teacher!’ style.

Which I think is quite something, from a job satisfaction point of view… 

If you’ve tried teaching people who weren’t in your classroom out of their own will (khm, teens sometimes, for example), you know what I’m talking about…

Or the usual business English lesson in a company setting where people are VERY mindful of each others’ levels and mistakes and abilities…

In my experience working with adolescents and adult can be tricky because we often have to be very careful about not triggering their egos, and accidentally making them become defensive…

When we work with IELTS students, they tend to ACTIVELY SEEK our feedback. 

They want to progress, and progress FAST.

And they KNOW that getting feedback is instrumental in achieving the desired scores.

This means we don’t have to do the usual ‘dance’ around the classroom around egos, or at least that we don’t need to tiptoe so carefully when we do. 

What other, less obvious advantages of teaching IELTS can you think of?

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