To my question, “What’s your top tip when giving feedback?” I got a lovely response on LinkedIn saying that

“[…] feedback is something that should be ‘offered’, not ‘given’ and should also be nourishing and ‘growthful’ (–it’s called ‘feed’, ‘back’ for a reason). I aim to always have this at the forefront of my mind […]”

Some beautiful points here. <3

I sometimes also use the expression ‘…the invitation here is to…’ that I picked up at an organization I’ve been working for as a consultant recently. 

…but then again, in high-stakes (language exam or teacher training) situations it sometimes sure doesn’t feel like it’s only an ‘invitation’, TBH… 

More like a case of ‘yeah, yeah, this is my ‘invitation’, but if I don’t take it, I’ll fail the course (exam, assessment, etc.), so do I ACTUALLY have any freedom here?

As this teacher commented, it is 

“hard to sell the concept of ‘invitations’ when hard results are non-negotiables. That being said, learner agency really is key” 


“rapport and humanity above all else”…

What about you? Do you ‘offer’ or ‘give’ feedback?

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