If you have the Cambridge CELTA or equivalent, and have been teaching general English for a while, maybe it’s time to consider specializing in teaching IELTS.

Here’re just some of the reasons why this might be a smart move:

1) There are millions of test takers a year WORLDWIDE.

2) Students working towards a high-stakes exam such as IELTS tend to be more MOTIVATED and AUTONOMOUS.

3) You can CHARGE MORE for your lessons, especially if you are better than your competitors, and this spreads. 😉

4) (This is subjective, but I think that) IELTS is fun! 😀 You get to read, listen to, and consider very INTERESTING topics.

5) While IELTS is challenging for candidates, it’s also challenging for teachers, which is fab, as this means that it’s intellectually and linguistically STIMULATING to teach. 

6) It looks good on your CV and makes you more EMPLOYABLE.

7) It makes you and excellent SKILLS teacher.

8) ?

9) ?

10) ?

What are YOUR top 3 reasons?

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