Are you

• lacking in CONFIDENCE whether you can successfully prepare your learners for such a HIGH-STAKES exam, especially on SHORT NOTICE

• worried that your teaching isn’t VERSATILE enough to offer sufficiently TARGETED, IMPACTFUL, bespoke courses, especially for 1-2-1

• concerned that your teaching doesn’t go ‘DEEP’ enough at ‘the RIGHT places’ (i.e. where your LEARNERS would need it most)

• your strengths as an IELTS teacher might not always align with your students’ weaknesses and needs, in other words that you have a patchy, ‘SPIKY’ profile: for example with a proven track record at teaching reading but are not so confident about teaching/assessing writing, or not all the genres, etc.

• dreaming about having solid WORD OF MOUTH to stand out in the crowded IELTS teaching market, so that you get referred by past students all the time and can focus more on teaching than worrying about finding new students…?

If you answered yes to more than 2 of the above, message me and let’s TALK.

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