In my opinion, IELTS provides learners with a VALID and MEANINGFUL learning challenge on its own right. (#backwash)

While sometimes IELTS is criticized for having a bit of a ‘hybrid’ focus, I think it IS (especially its Academic module) a useful ‘pre-EAP’ gauge of both LANGUAGE and ACADEMIC ability – not to be confused with ‘the real thing’ though, that is, real EAP skills.

I believe that IELTS is valid as a pre-sessional exam because I know for a fact that IELTS students WILL have to 

• listen to complex academic lectures

• take notes efficiently

• describe information they see in a chart

• exercise critical thinking 

• form coherent opinions both in speaking and writing,

–among other skills they will use at university, or even in real life….

(Our learners are often ALREADY doing these things in their L1, BTW).

What’s your opinion? Do you think IELTS is a ‘valid and meaningful’ exam?

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