After being completely locked down in one place (a nice place, Cancun, but still…) during the pandemic, this year I’ve had to move around… TOO MUCH.

Or so it feels…

The last time I travelled was last week, this time from Miami to Merida, Mx, and while at first I resented this temporary change (–I’ll be here a few months, now it seems, until further notice on my visa situation), I’m looking at it as an OPPORTUNITY, to grow even more RESILIENT.

For example, I used to be very proud of being able to relocate ‘my whole life’ with just a 20kg suitcase, but now I realize that I actually only need a hand luggage and a backpack! :O 😀 (#minimalism <3)

When was the last time ‘life happened’ to you while, as we say, you were ‘busy making other plans’? How did you REFRAME it for yourself?

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