Oh, hi there, have we met? 😀 

Sorry to stop your scroll (–nah, not really ;P), but did you know that…

…TESTING doesn’t equal TEACHING! :O (Except when learning to ‘teach’ skills on the CELTA, which is an ENTRY-LEVEL qualification for the same reason).

In other words, PRE- vs POST-task sensitizing to (an IELTS) sub-skill are NOT the same either.

The former is ACTUAL TEACHING, while the latter is just ‘TESTING and SCOLDING’, as I like to say. (Poor students! :() 

If you’ve been teaching IELTS for a while (or planning to start now), make sure you plan your lessons by starting with the result: what REPEATABLE strategies will your learners go away with, as you take them through the different stages?

Now, even if you don’t do this, you might ‘stumble upon’ results with your (more talented) learners, but ideally you should be helping ALL your students become more conscious and confident about IELTS. 

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