Greetings from the UAE!

As you (might) know, I now live and work in Dubai, as of approx 2 weeks ago, which is why I’ve been less active on social media as well. 

I’m still adjusting to my new life, but I DO plan to continue sharing useful #teachertraining (especially #IELTS and #CambridgeDeltaModule2 related), as well as #itemwriting tips again soon, just FYI.

In the meantime, check out what these lovely #IELTSteachers had to say about my #IELTSteachertraining courses

(…and send my yours too, if you’ve done a module! ;))

“Fatime Losonci presents a deep approach to teaching IELTS that emphasizes the development of sub-skills rather than just testing the results. In ‘How to Teach IELTS Reading’ she proposes practical strategies and activities that I could use in my own classroom to help my students improve their English proficiency and prepare for the IELTS test. I found the course very useful and relevant, especially since many students in the beginning struggle with the test format and often feel demotivated by the prospect of taking it” – Francesca Mazzucato, IELTS teacher–

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Hi. I’m Fatime. I’m an IELTS Teacher Trainer, helping CELTA-qualified English language teachers become better at teaching SKILLS, as opposed to just testing them. 

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