…but a HUGELY encouraging surprise for a brand-new ELT edupreneur to see yet another positive review on Amazon on one of my IELTS books! 😀

Since I’ve been at the helm of this whole ‘Fatime Losonci enterprise thing’ (…), I’ve come to especially appreciate the power of (ANY kind of) positive feedback.

It might sometimes come in the form of a #replay

Sometimes a single like. 

Or a sudden DM from someone I’ve never heard of, saying that ‘they’ve been following my stuff for quite a while’ and would love to book a call to talk about my #bootcamp… <3 <3

Learning to make it ‘out there’, on our own (–yet very much supported by colleagues and mentors!) in this ‘blue ocean’ of ELT entrepreneurs can at times be a little intimidating.

So receiving ‘little digital smoke signals’ of any sort that our stuff IS resonating, is making a positive impact on people’s lives is extremely rewarding and encouraging.

As part of Rachael Roberts’ LinkedIn Visibility Challenge, I promised myself that I’d keep practicing

A) NOTICING wins, and

B) learning to COMMUNICATE about them as well on social media.

Today’s small win and lovely surprise was a review on one of my IELTS books (on essay writing for students) on Amazon.

‘Chriss’ (from the UK) didn’t only bother to give it 5 stars, but took an extra coupe seconds from his life as well to also say that he’d ‘definitely recommend’ it. 

Chriss, I don’t (think?) I know you, but THANK YOU for this gesture. <3

You have no idea what it means to read feedback like this, especially at this early, fragile stage.

What’s been YOUR most heart-warming win this past week?

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