Consider taking How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp– if you

1) have already taught (or are teaching) TOEFL or TOEIC courses, now want to teach IELTS, and need to understand the differences between these

2) would like to feel more confident teaching IELTS to groups, not just 1:1

3) want to help your learners use language more naturally, as appropriate for IELTS (i.e. without overusing either too informal, extremely formal, or too idiomatic expressions) 

4) teach students from cultures with very different speaking or writing traditions than English (e.g. Asian or Arab countries)

5) want to stand out from your competition and have your students recommend you to their friends over other available options

6) want to work with students who have already understood that IELTS cannot be approached just with a ‘the-more-times-I-take-the-exam-the-more-likely-it-is-that-I’ll-finally-get-the-needed-scores’ strategy in and of itself

7) would like to make the most of the past papers you are using in your teaching

8) want to understand how raw scores ‘become’ band scores

9) want to raise your learners’ awareness as to what they should NOT do in each test on the exam

10) need more scaffolded materials to really help your learners notice the steps involved in successfully answering a question in any of the four skills

Which of these points are true of YOU?

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