If you teach IELTS and…

1) would like to learn how to use the public band descriptors as teaching tools

2) want to learn more about why an initial needs analysis can be useful when taking on a new student, how to conduct one and what to include in it 

3) would like to consider how setting deadlines –large and small– can be used effectively in exam preparation

4) want to set up systems to measure your students’ results

5) and communicate about these in a way that adds extra value, for example by providing them with tips that they can use in other parts of the exam as well

6) learn to look at everything you do in your IELTS lessons consciously asking about each stage and activity ‘what FOR?’ to maximize learning time

7) would like to know what to tell your learners who worry about being asked to talk about topics they know little about in the speaking and writing tests

8) would like to have some practical tips to help ease your learners’ nervousness and get them to feel psychologically better prepared for the exam

9) want to show your students what to do if they cannot remember (or do not know) a key word in the speaking or writing tests

10) are ready for a comprehensive and practical overview of how to best prepare your students for the IELTS exam, 

…then you might want to consider taking my course, How to Teach IELTS –The Ultimate IELTS Teacher Training Bootcamp.

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Did any of these points resonate with you? How many did you ‘SCORE’ of the 10 overall?