When I walk into a room I see… humans trying to cope with life as best as they know how.

This often means relying on some Type of ego they developed earlier on in childhood.

Which is fine and necessary, but when we get stuck in ‘overusing’ our ‘favorite’ mechanisms and solutions, our human experience becomes increasingly limited –and limiting for others around us as well.

Just how constricted things can get (and in what ways exactly) will depend on a person’s

-Type: There are 9 different ones of these ‘core ways of coping’ we learn as children for life. (They don’t change but we can become ‘better versions of ourselves’ within it).

-Instincts: There are 3 different ones of these and we all ‘overuse’ one while ‘repressing’ another (aka our Dominant and Repressed Instincts).

as well as our

-Levels of Health which can fall in the Unhealthy, Average, and Healthy range in any moment in life.

Having learned the #Enneagram helps me 

a, understand what’s going on in the room even when people are acting ‘weird’ (=different from how I would, which is often ‘weird’ for others too)

b, feel compassion for the person behind the behavior because I understand where it is coming from

c, better ‘co-regulate’, i.e. communicate, collaborate more successfully with others by knowing what triggers and what motivates each Type (i.e. what to avoid and how to reassure them).

When you walk into a room, what’s the first thing YOU see?

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