The cookie-cutter cliche that you should always be looking people in the eye when talking to them is just that –a cookie-cutter cliche.

Every #Enneagram #personality Type will expect to be talked to differently.

A Type 8 will indeed likely want you to 

–look them in the eye

–be bold, be intense in your communication style


–even slightly challenging and confrontational. 

This is because Type 8s feel ‘safe’ and enlivened when they perceive that others aren’t intimidated by them.

However, when talking to an (average Level of Health) Type 5, for example, the right way to communicate might be just the opposite, i.e. to

–sit side by side (if in a physical setting)

–avoid too intense eye contact

–talk more about abstract stuff first before anything too personal (if at all).

Type 5s are very afraid of any kind of intrusion, but once they gained certainty that you won’t engulf them, they will be happy to ‘come out of their shell’ and deeply engage with you. 

Do you like (excessive :D) eye contact? And your clients?

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