#Enneagram Type and #personality are not the same –#personality is broader.

It includes a person’s


–so-called ‘Instincts Stacking’ –i.e. what their Dominant and Repressed Instincts are (=what their #personality is ‘overdoing’ and ‘efforting to ignore’ of the three main instincts, Self-Preservation, Sexual, Social),

–(what their Instinct in the middle of their stack is, although this is often where we are most balanced and require the least amount of work),

–their Levels of Health


–the Wing(s) they currently tend to ‘lean’ more towards.

Focusing on just Type is not enough –Instincts matter more. 

Instinct is what’s really ‘running the show’ in a person’s life, and we ‘just’ use our Type to meet our (Dominant) Instinct’s deep, subconscious motivations.

For example, I ‘work with’ Type 8 but my Instincts Stacking is SX/SP/SO (Sexual/Self-Preservation/Social) and I have a few friends who I share a Type with but are living very different lives from me because their Instincts Stacking is different.

What do you think your Dominant Instinct is of the three? 

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