We all have an ego. But being ‘selfish (or ‘egoistic’) can take many different, less obvious forms, depending on the circumstances of our upbringing, and the #personality we had to take on as a result.

For example, would you think that it can be ‘selfish’ to want to take (excessive) care of others? 

Or to want to understand complex patterns in the world? 

These are just two of the nine core ways in which we ‘get lost’, growing up.

And while our ego was formed to help us survive, if it ‘overfunctions’ in our adulthood, it can seriously damage our life and relationships.

Unfortunately, it’s often ‘hard to know what we don’t know’…

The #Enneagram provides us with a profoundly powerful tool to help us discover our blind spots and find our way back to ourselves 


also realizing that others’ #personality isn’t ‘personal’ either… (As in they often aren’t the way they are to (consciously) hurt us…).

In (our) essence we ALL are more than just our #personality.

Do you know yours? How is it helping you navigate in life and business?

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