Every #Enneagram Type has its own ‘Type agenda’.

This is the ‘axis’ of their #personality structure that each Type is deeply (albeit unconsciously) concerned with when relating to others.

For example

Type 8: Will you threaten to harm, violate or destroy me? (Or shall I threaten to harm, violate, destroy you?)

Type 9: Will you make me feel disconnected/cut off? (Or shall I?)

Type 1: Will you make me feel wrong or bad? (Or shall I?)

Type 2: Will you emotionally blackmail me and make me feel unworthy of my love/attention? (Or shall I?)

Type 3: Will you make me feel worthless/undesirable? (Or shall I?)

Type 4: Will you make me feel as if I have no significance? (Or shall I?)

Type 5: Will you make me feel senseless/ignorant? (Or shall I?)

Type 6: Will you make me feel lost/without support/guidance? (Or shall I?)

Type 7: Will you make me feel trapped (in emotional pain)? (Or shall I?)

Here is a radical thought: What if it’s neither?!

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