If you are of a certain #Enneagram Type, you’ll never ‘transcend’ the core characteristics of your Type.

That is to say you won’t change Type over the course of your life.

Instead the goal should ‘only’ be to integrate the healthy aspects of your Type, as well as those of your Integration Point(s).

For example, for me as a Type 8 the task is to 

–keep cultivating my ‘Essential Qualities’ (of aliveness, immediacy and strength)


–find my way back to my ‘Virtue’ (of innocence)

while carefully avoiding overdoing

–my Defense Mechanism (of denial)

–my Passion (for lust, i.e. intensity and exuberance)


–my Fixation (of accidentally objectifying others).

As always, self-awareness of the following origins of my Type and self-compassion will be needed to achieve self-regulation (especially in triggering moments):

–my Childhood Message: Don’t trust anybody.

–my Basic Fear: being violated, destroyed, dead/lifeless

–my Red-Flag Fear: I will be controlled or violated.

as well as 

–my Wake-Up Call: I’m using too much force.

I will be ‘working with’ these challenges until the day I die (which is fine as Type 8s love a good challenge :D).

And besides these, when I manage to stay present enough, I should stay connected to my Heart (Center) to be able to take on (and keep…) the healthy characteristics of Type 2 (such as its Essential Qualities of love, sweetness, nurturing).

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