As an #Enneagram Type 8 I have a lot of work to do with my anger.

Having learned the #Enneagram has been super useful with this, as well as understanding and being compassionate with the other #personality Types.

As the saying goes ‘To understand is to forgive’ (–Blaise Pascal–).

For example, when we understand what leads to the formation of #Enneagram Type 5 personality structure, it suddenly makes sense why Type 5s are extremely withdrawn and cerebral.

Type 5s’

–childhood trauma: It’s not OK to be comfortable in the world (because the world demands too much and supplies too little).

–survival strategy: I better withdraw, hoard, hold on to stuff and make sure I work hard to understand what’s going on.

–wake-up call: I’m withdrawing more and more into my mind.

–path back to presence: I recognize that people and connections are a resource and gather as well as disseminate data, share what I have collected and noticed.

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