I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wanted to learn to travel in style.

Like those posh ladies at airports in perfect make-up, elegantly strolling past me, wearing beautiful, uncomfortable clothes, smelling nice, pulling impractical carry-on suitcases and casually looking ahead with not one f*ck to give.

Yet much as I try, I always end up looking embarrassingly inelegant. Harassed, even.

This is because over the years my originally more neglected Self-Preservation Instinct has become much stronger. (This is the drive in us that’s in charge of survival and making sure we maintain our own well-being, safety, and comfort).

It’s still not the one that my #personality is most addicted (!) to, i.e. not the one I subconsciously ‘overuse’ the most, but by now it seems that as many SP folx do, I’m also ‘overdoing the grounding’.

When I fly I tend to wear 15 different layers, carry an external battery for my phone and earpods (with my YouTube and Audible universities full of freshly downloaded content) carry a big soft eye mask, a cotton scarf, a thermo cap, fresh earplugs, gum, all sorts of essential oils and other witchcraft, and kilograms of other ‘protective’ and comfy gear… 

Passing through security is a special nightmare with all this (hence the harassed look, typically very early into a trip).

I’m glad I’ve become better at taking care of myself with the help of my more robust SP skills.

However, I’m also aware that to really ‘travel in style’ through life we need to keep aiming for an (even better) balance of all 3 of our core Instincts –Self-Preservation, Sexual (or ‘One-on-One’) and Social. 

(And it also doesn’t hurt at all to know what others’ Instincts are, as their motivations, goals, fears and triggers will likely be significantly different from ours).

How balanced are you?

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