I learned to teach the #Enneagram in a compassionate from the amazing humans at the Enneagram Prison Project.

They taught me to help you see that ‘in essence’ the following (seemingly contradictory) statement is true of us:

“There is nothing wrong with you (…AND you could use a little work)”.

Doing self-work using the #Enneagram makes us dance with all sorts of (seemingly) contradictory realizations like this.

If we become more aware of both the gifts and the challenges (‘blindspots’) of our Type it becomes much easier to feel 

–self-compassion for ourselves when we start ‘doing our Type’ when triggered (or rather, when it starts doing us)

as well as

–motivation to do the work for our own good, for better-quality relating and living overall.

Our Type is our habituated way of thinking, feeling, doing, coming from our deeply entrenched Head, Heart, and Body-based motivations (prompted by such emotions as Fear, Shame and Anger) that were formed as a logical (!) response to circumstances in our childhood.

Because over the years they become completely ingrained, they’re very hard to notice ‘in action’.

And this is where the #Enneagram helps by predictably, consistently and reliably drawing each Type’s attention to what their ‘personalized’ 😀 task is to get closer back to presence/essence.

If you are an introverted entrepreneur or ‘edupreneur’ who wants to become better at more confidently promoting your stuff by understanding and using personality to your advantage, I invite you to a free Type and Instinct Exploration Session –Message me for details!