The #Enneagram is a fascinatingly predictable, reliable and comprehensive (yet dynamic) wisdom system that helps us understand #personality (our own and others’).

Compared to other personality typologies (such as the MBTI or the DISC) it is ‘neater’ in that it cuts much closer to the bone by crystal clearly speaking to the Types’ core






It also provides us with a compass regarding the path forward, out of our #personality.

For all these reasons and others in so many ways the #Enneagram is the most ‘compact’ development tool I’ve ever known (and I’ve got to know many over the decades as I’ve always been interested in psychology).

I’m in awe of the #Enneagram’s precision and multiple layers with which it helps us find our way back to ourselves when ‘in essence’.

But when working with people and teaching them the system I like to add an important caveat. 

Namely that the #Enneagram cannot ‘protect’ you from (=equip you to successfully deal with) ‘major league’ #personality distortions (disorders) such as those of Dark Tetrad folx.

People who suffer from

–narcissism (NPD)





can be recognized by (among others) their various dangerous ‘letter E’ characteristics, such as their

–lack of Empathy

–feelings of Entitlement

–tendency for Exploiting others

–Exaggerated feelings of self-importance

–Excessive need for admiration

Although you will likely be able to recognize their #Enneagram Type too, on top of their personality disorder, with them the name of the game is to ‘get out’, wherever possible and as soon as possible (as opposed to wanting to engage, collaborate, help, etc.). 

Their tendencies for callous manipulation, selfishness, and ruthlessness just won’t allow for any of the above (unfortunately :().

(For a fascinating read on how #Enneagram Types, Instincts and personality disorders intertwine I really recommend Sterlin Mosley’s amazing book titled ‘The Narcissist in You and Everyone Else: Recognizing the 27 Types of Narcissism‘).

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