Of the three core ‘self’ skills (i.e. self-awareness, self-compassion and self-regulation) the ‘crown jewel’ for me at this point in my life, with my #personality (#Enneagram Type 8) is self-regulation.

By this point I feel self-aware enough, thanks to years of self-work, coaching, learning, psychology, and of course, above all else, the #Enneagram.

I try to spend just enough time in self-compassion when a triggering situation occurs.

I find that if I manage to validate my own emotions (something I didn’t get enough of as a child, as many of us didn’t), I can more easily tame the Type 8 rebelliousness in me that would otherwise drive me to disobey stuff, often even against my own ‘better judgement’.

As a Type 8, self-regulation is where it’s ‘at’ for me now, but depending on our Type and Levels Of Health, amount of self-work we’ve done. we might have different ‘crown jewels’ to focus on in different points in our lives.

Which of the three ‘self’ skills (self-awareness, self-compassion, self-regulation) are you working on improving now? Let me know!

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