Every #Enneagram Type offers something to the rest of us.

And if an individual’s #personality isn’t hyperactivated, their Type’s offering will feel more like a gift than a burden.

This is true of Type 6s as well, who ‘work with’ a lot of doubt, a double-edged sword just like many Type qualities.

Doubt is a gift:

–in science/research as it helps us be thorough, check things ‘from the ground up’, considers ALL eventualities before taking action

–in business when analyzing risk, doing due diligence, etc.

And doubt becomes a burden when:

–we become paralyzed and unable to take action

–distrust, micromanage, excessive question others’ (e.g. motivations)

If you are a Type 6, remember to breathe, consistently do your presence practices to anchor yourself in (=reconnect with) your body.

And if you’re loving (interacting, working, living with) a Type 6 and it gets too be too much because you feel they’re 

–undermining your reality as well (just because theirs isn’t currently firm)

–destabilizing your core knowing, confidence in something (or yourself)

it’s OK to say ‘Thank you, I GOT THIS’. 

(…and then make sure you know your boundaries full well if their anxiety and #personality ramps up even stronger as a result).

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