People say the best period of our life is in our 20s.

We are ‘pure potentiality’ then.

(…And collagen. :D)

BUT trauma too! On steroids!

… Being acted out loud … (aka #personality).

And in the upheaval that is our 20s all this is confused for our essence.

Then when it all crashes (=stops ‘working’ for us, usually later in life), the work and healing, growth can begin.

(If we are still alive by then –a gloomy caveat, I know, but true).

To find our way back into our real essence (disguised by #personality), we will need to

–be ready, to have suffered enough of ourselves to be receptive enough to trying new stuff after having rock bottomed out with our ego strategies

–find good (knowledgeable and compassionate) guidance


–choose the most potent compass (modality) there is

I’ve tried, read about, got to know many and can wholeheartedly say that the #Enneagram is the best compass to human growth that I have ever known.

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