I know the #Enneagram. 

I understand my triggers.

(As a Type 8 my #personality flares up when I perceive

–attempts at controlling me

–perceived injustices 

–…especially when I don’t have the possibility (‘power’) to correct these…

–deceitful/manipulative people

–people who won’t stand up for themselves

–any kind of weakness in myself


–boundary violations

–unjust/constraining rules)

I understand others’ triggers too.

And yet relationships are still hard sometimes because

–my Social Instinct is Repressed (–Message me for a free Type and Instinct Exploration Session to find out what a Repressed Instinct means for one’s life and to find out what yours might be)

and because

–in true ‘Challenger’ fashion (one of the many names they like to give to Type 8s) I (mistakenly) expected completely evolved behavior in people who I knew had done some self-work already (e.g. knew their Type). 

But just because someone knows their Type they won’t automatically have the coveted (inter- and intrapersonal) results.

Because much like with most other learning for this we need both



–skill (=practice).

The #Enneagram can’t do the heavy lifting for you but man is it the best gym equipment I know if you want to work on your emotional, spiritual ‘fitness’…

In what ways are you training?

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I help introverted entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, solopreneurs and coaches) become better at promoting their services on social media by understanding and using personality to get more clients.

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