Beware of pop wisdom (e.g. social media memes, lyrics, Hollywood… :D)

They might accidentally teach you things you wouldn’t want to be learning (…if you were actually paying attention).

One such common tricky message is ‘be yourself’. (Or the extended version, ‘be your authentic self’, whatever that is).

If we don’t work on ourselves, we’ll often only take this advice at face value and let our ego run with it…

…and make us believe that our often increasingly distorted ways of being and relating are our ‘essence’…

So just as a reminder (besides encouraging you to be skeptical of any mass content you consume :)), these are the Essential Qualities of the Types that they ALREADY HAVE (therefore shouldn’t be ‘artificially efforting’ to manufacture in excess:

–T8: aliveness, strength, immediacy

–T9: wholeness, unity, being

–T1: goodness, sacredness, purity

–T2: love, sweetness, nurturing

–T3: preciousness, radiance, value

–T4: beauty, depth, authenticity

–T5: clarity, knowledge, illumination

–T6: awakeness, commitment, loyalty

–T7: freedom, joy, positivity

Be vigilant to know the difference by

–learning the #Enneagram


–cultivating other daily presence practices such as journaling, doing yoga or spending time in nature.

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