I’m often asked which #Enneagram Type is ‘best’.

The answer (of course) is Type 8.

Nah, just kidding. 😀 ;P

The real answer is: it’s not Type that matters so much as Levels of Health. 

In other words, no one Type is better than others. 

Self-awareness and self-mastery (=self-compassion and regulation) is where it’s ‘at’, for ALL 9 Types.

Personality (i.e. the same #personality Type, such as Type 8) can be pure gold or pure poison. 

You choose whether you cultivate the gifts of your Type or live more limited (and limiting others).

Take your pick. (And if the former, message me to schedule your free Type and Instinct Exploration Session today).

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I help introverted entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, solopreneurs and coaches) become better at promoting their services on social media by understanding and using personality to get more clients.

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