One of my favorite podcasters is (the slightly :)) controversial Joe Rogan. 

He is hard to pin down as has worn many hats in his life, including martial artist, UFC commentator, comedian and TV host.

For me it’s easy to love him because we share a ‘Type’: he is also an #Enneagram Type 8.

Type 8s (when healthy) come teach the rest of us about aliveness, immediacy, strength –their so-called Essential Qualities.

They seek to impact the world and often have high energy. 

They can take up a lot of space in any room, but when they do this for a noble cause and are self-aware enough to maintain their innocence and vulnerability meanwhile, they can be outright heroic.

Joe is a typical Type 8 in that he 

• is a ‘rebel with a cause’ (–and sometimes even without (!)

• exhibits the trademark ‘tough and sweet’ axis of the Type

• is all about entrepreneuralism

• loves deep conversations

• has the classic ‘f*ck this sh*t mentality’ of the Type (thanks to it being a Rejection Type)

Yet clearly he has done the Type 8 journey and learned the main T8 lessons (e.g. that kindness Trumps bullying –pun intended).

We all bring gifts of our #personality Types that –when discovered and cherished– can be beautifully used for our own and others’ good.

Do you know your Type? What are its gifts?

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