Many people love popular #personality typologies. 

(Even stupid ones, e.g. along the lines of

Question: ‘What kind of a vegetable would you be?’ 

Answer: Broccoli or rucola: both dark, green, unpopular but healthy, often an acquired taste) 

Many protest them saying that #personality typologies ‘put you in a box’. 

The common reply to which is that you already ARE in a box and getting to know your Enneagram type will only help you find your way OUT of it.  

But what actually is #personality?

Benjamin Hardy PhD says in his book titled ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent‘ that #personality is a conjunction of

–trauma(s) –about which he says that they can ‘either trap you in the past or propel extreme transformation and growth’

–an identity narrative –the story you tell (yourself) about yourself which can be based on your past or your desired future 

–your subconscious –pulling you back to homeostasis but which can also be continually upgraded through new emotional experiences


–your environment –shaping you both in the short and long runs.

I loved reading his book because it gave me the tingling sensation that I strongly agree and disagree with its premise at the same time.

I disagree with him because I believe that #personality IS permanent in that our #Enneagram Type is shaped in childhood and then it stays with us until the end of our lives.

And I agree with him in that #personality ISN’T permanent in the sense that we CAN become better actualized versions WITHIN OUR TYPE, by 

–getting to know its gifts (and those of our Connection Points)

–working on learning how to recognize, then cultivate presence 

–in all of our three ‘centers’ (body, heart and mind), in any given moment.

Hardy (in true #Enneagram Type 3 fashion which I think he is) is a staunch believer in growth, change, transformation and success in the future –good for him.

So much so that he suggests never identifying ourselves as the ‘former’ anything (e.g. ‘a former drug addict’, ‘the former Secretary of State’, etc.).

And he believes that a fixed mindset is always a result of unresolved trauma.

Do you agree with all his points?

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