If you are an #Enneagram Type 7 (who struggles with always seeing and entertaining too many options), consider consciously forcing yourself NOT to have a plan B before embarking on a new thing.

(And then if it doesn’t work out, you just think then and look for a new plan A).

I learned this trick from the amazing Type 7 endurance athlete, Sean Conway, who is a more high-functioning example of his Type.

I’ve noticed that the healthier ‘versions’ of the Types are often visibly ‘into’ what the way out (of the #personality maize) is for their Type. In other words, it IS possible to stumble upon what’s best next steps for you in your personal growth even without knowing the #Enneagram. 

It’s just easier, leaner, more comprehensive and faster to use this tool for self-development as it tends to accelerate our discoveries and even show us what’s right around the corner for us, even if we aren’t at the corner yet.

Sean, for example seems to have realized that for him as a Type 7 the way back to health, ‘presence’ and a generally more integrated life is to stop obsessing about keeping his options open as this is depriving him of a fully human experience (which includes ‘warts and all’).

What’s ‘next steps’ for you with your #personality? 

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