Of the many things the #Enneagram has taught me over the years one of the biggest learnings is that when it comes to humans:

Nothing is what it seems.

Yes, the Types come with certain characteristics which do tell us about the ‘axes’ along which they will be ‘splitting’ (be high-functioning, average or lower, depending on how mentally, emotionally healthy or ‘present’ they are in any given moment).

But using Type stereotypes (a common way to teach the #Enneagram, unfortunately) is misleading because things are much less ‘set’ than these descriptions would have us believe. 

For example, the following can be equally true of each Type, depending on how well they are:

Type 8s:

–threatening to harm, violate, destroy others


–heroic and protective of them

Type 9s:


–make other disconnected/cut off 


–all-embracing, showing unconditional positive regard

Type 1s:

–make others feel wrong or bad 


–forgiving or errors (their own or others’)

Type 2s:

–prone to emotional blackmail and making others feel unworthy of my love/attention 


–generously and genuinely caring and nurturing 

Type 3s:

–make others feel worthless/undesirable 


–see, encourage and help bring the best out of others 

Type 4s:

–make others feel as if they have no significance 


–empathetic, sensitive to others’ emotional pain and beauty/depth

Type 5s:

–make others feel senseless/ignorant 


–generous, humble fountains of knowledge, capable of appreciating others’ wisdom (and expressing this as well)

Type 6s:

–make others feel lost/without support/guidance 


–committed and reliable, patiently supportive of others

Type 7s:

–make others feel trapped (in emotional pain) 


–teach others how to be free and enjoy, celebrate life without limits

Did any of this surprise you? 

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