I almost spit out my tea laughing out loud the other day when I saw this meme with a couple parachutists midair, holding hands in a circle with one of them missing their gear and the caption reading:

‘Mikey, can you stop screaming and let us have a good time? It’s not our fault you forgot your parachute’.

There are so many precious #Enneagram teachings in this one image that it’s hard to know where to start unpacking it all. Let’s just focus on 9, symbolically, for now. 

To me some of the main (#Enneagram) messages / reminders are as follow:

1) Empathy

Empathy rules.

2) The Social Instinct

The SO (Social) Instinct knows that if one of us is f*cked, we are all f*cked.

3) The Self-Preservation Instinct

It is valid to want to feel safe, to want to survive.

4) Type 6

As above re danger: It is valid to want to feel safe, to want to survive.

5) The Law of One

The Law of One also knows that we’re all one, so again, if one of us is f*cked, we are all f*cked.

6) Levels of Health

Sometimes (…often) the least healthy can come across as the most confident. Don’t be fooled by this, always use your criteria to assess a situation.

7) Boundaries

As above, including when it comes to boundaries, which constantly need (re-)negotiating with others around us.

8) Type 8s: Beware of (unhealthy) Type 8s who might accidentally challenge you beyond what might be reasonable in any given situation.

9) Type 7s: Beware of (unhealthy) Type 7s who might accidentally ‘demand’ that you don’t ruin others’ (=their) fun.

If you’ve been following me for a while (or know the #Enneagram), what other #Enneagram teaching would you add to this list?

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