Understanding #Enneagram Type and #personality in general can help us make better decisions on the spot.

It can lead to better ‘lightning speed leadership’ on your feet if you know what a person’s 





–triggers are.

For example, I once had a Type 9 report who I needed to urgently ask something from, but when they came into the office to have their lunch there, I consciously chose not to bother them then and there, respecting their boundaries and their right to eat in peace.

This was because I knew that Type 9s

–are a withdrawn Type

–are a Body Type and as such are really protective of their boundaries 

–are concerned with their autonomy, agency, power, control, and dignity.

The Enneagram helps you make better people decisions –including when it comes to 

–promoting your stuff

–talking to prospects 


–the way you pitch your products or services if they seem like a fit.

When was the last time you changed tack like this when talking to someone? Why? 

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