“I also appreciate your understanding of my personality and the way you worked that into your recommendations”.

I recently got this lovely feedback from an introverted #Enneagram Type 4 edupreneur who’s also struggling to have her voice heard in the world (and the ‘cacophony’ that is social media).

Yet she has a lot of beautiful, deep thought, feelings and gifts to share too, as all 9 Types do.

If we understand our own #Enneagram Type and the pitfalls it might mean for our marketing efforts, we are more likely to ‘stay the course’ –which (i.e. consistency) is at the crux of getting our message out and landing dream clients.

Here are some things to pay attention to in your marketing, depending on your #Enneagram Type.

Type 8: Less is sometimes more –beware of overwhelm or too ‘challenging’ or ‘preachy’ content.

Type 9: Your voice in the world matters as well –so don’t forget to market yourself to make it heard (…even if it feels braggadouche at first :D).

Type 1: It’s OK to make mistakes. Your marketing doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be effective. Some flaws might actually make you more approachable for your ideal client! <3

Type 2: Learn to serve AND take care of your own needs at the same time –it IS possible. (Some of your posts can be more about you, not just others, e.g. happy clients’ testimonials, etc.)

Type 3: Not every post will be a huge success (in terms of visible metrics, for example) –and that’s OK too. This doesn’t speak to your inherent value (…as that is unquestionable). <3 

Type 4: Not all your posts will feel ‘deep enough’ to your own liking, but that’s OK –they might start beautiful conversations and connections nevertheless that might then lead to deeper opportunities for connection. 😉 

Type 5: No, others don’t have [social media, marketing, etc.] ‘all figured out’ either. You ARE smart and we want to hear from you! Please don’t hide your gifts and knowledge from the world.

Type 6: Start posting and you’ll see that the support from others you so desire will emerge too! (And if it feels ‘safer’, you can start testing the water by leaving ‘value comments’ on others’ posts ;)).

Type 7: One. Thing. At. A. TIME! 😀 ;P One piece of content. One format. One message. Give your business and your followers a chance to understand what you do, what you stand for, how you serve, etc. 

Which tip resonates with you the most?

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