‘Learning to Love Leading’, the name of my #Enneagram coaching program for introverted entrepreneurs who want to gain core confidence by understanding and using personality to their advantage includes the words 





These words are special to me as they pay homage to the 3 values represented by my #Enneagram Type home base, Type 8, and those of my Connections Points at 5 and 2.

T5s come to teach the rest of us about the beauty of learning, of knowledge and clear thinking

T2s come to teach the rest of us about true love and generously helping, giving and nurturing others


T8s are here to inspire the rest of us to lead with aliveness, immediacy and their trademark strength.

Ideally we should learn from all 9 Types to become ‘fully’ human and actualized, but often it’s easiest to start the work with our own Type and Connection Points.

(Or as a good #Enneagram friend of mine says, we need to ‘get the goods’ from our Connection Points but we can only fulfil our true potential and become totally healthy / aligned within our own Type (see higher Levels of Health).

What are your 3 core values?

Do you know your own Type and Connection Points?

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Hi, I’m Fatime. 

I talk about the #Enneagram, #personality and #coaching.

I help introverted entrepreneurs (edupreneurs, solopreneurs and coaches) become better at promoting their services on social media by understanding and using personality to get more clients.

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